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Thread: Levels.

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    Just liked the shapes, and sizes. These doors are fire exits for The grand opera house. Each door is a different seating level. I found them odd with their spacing.
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    Re: Levels.

    Payn, I like this shot a lot! I like how you concentrated on the face of the building and didn't include street or sidewalk. It's very sharp with good color, too. Now to what I would change- I don't really think the perspective works so well. The vertical lines seem to look a little awkward being not quite parallel to the vertical lines of the framing. Also, the windows on the left-hand side are a little overexposed and I'm not quite sure why you let that happen. I know street scenes often force compromises to be made when you've got to properly expose your subject, but I don't see such a circumstance existing in this otherwise evenly-lit scene. Maybe a crop on the lefthand side is in order.
    Still, a great shot. Congrats!
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    Re: Levels.

    Thanks for the comment/suggestions. There were some vans in the way of the area I needed to shoot from. I will retuurn earlier/later before the employees show up and try again.

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