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    Updated Picture of tree from Garden of the Gods Co. Springs

    Here is an updated picture of the tree from the Garden of the Gods. It was exposed for the higlights, it was meant to be a merge with another pic exposed for the shadows. Please comment!
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Updated Picture of tree from Garden of the Gods Co. Springs-img_1671_800_bw.jpg  

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    Re: Updated Picture of tree from Garden of the Gods Co. Springs

    I really like the feel and the texture in this photo... my only complaint would be there is a lot of grey and little contrast. Contrast, in my mind, is so important when working in black and white. Maybe try a filter next time and take the picture when the sun is at a different spot in the sky.
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    Re: Updated Picture of tree from Garden of the Gods Co. Springs

    My garden is great on special occasions. The main factor is great soil which is always the key factor. There is never enough compost for most soil types. Following that consider rainwater, sunlight, and temperature. Then there are the correct seeds / transplants, pollination, insect predation, air quality, weed suppression, and tender loving care. Get the picture of why itís only a great garden at certain times ... all these must come together at the right time. The site helps me with this for which I am grateful to him

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