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    Sep 2004

    Too Funny.......

    Got this one yesterday at a tournement I was shooting. Think he was trying to tell me something?
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    mod squad gahspidy's Avatar
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    Feb 2004
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    Re: Too Funny.......

    Seems he's had enough of photographers following him around and the media nonsense!! He's flippin you the bird and as a good photographer and reporter. it was your duty to get his reaction. Good Work! ;)
    please do not edit and repost my photos


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    ...has no clue greg hxc's Avatar
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    Re: Too Funny.......

    Good to see the youngsters are already taking after their big-league counterparts. Are you sure you weren't just wearing a Red Sox hat?

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    Re: Too Funny.......

    Freakin' Yankees. I hate the Yankees. My wife hates the Yankees. My children have been brainwashed not to like the Yankees. This expression does not surprise me coming from a Yankee!

    Cute kid though

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