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    Portrait from Linde
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    Re: Portrait from Linde

    Needless to say that getting pictures from you is always a treat for the eyes. Once again, you made us part of a very intimate portrait. The composition is original and successful. Everything is tack sharp and my eye does not want to wander outside the frame. In other words, well done!.... Maybe a tad too dark on my screen...

    However, I was not expecting this type of shot from you. I kind of got used to the very harsh BW pics you were posting, i.e. few levels of gray, prettily much everthing in black or white. This one is much more soft in that respect, but then it goes well with the subject matter.

    I suppose that you do your own enlargements and then scan the results. I am looking forward to learn how to do it. The digital darkroom has spoiled me and I would like to go back to the roots. I can't wait to have a place big enough to setup a darkroom!

    In the meawhile, I can only stare at your pics with envy!



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