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Thread: portrait

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    ...just believe natatbeach's Avatar
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    This was a very casual portrait taken of a friend fro her husbands to a window andother light source on the opposite side of the window ( forgot about a reflector for under the chin area)

    I shot it in color-- but she asked for BW and she wanted me to smooth blend etc skin tones...
    so I did all that in PS ( cloned birthmarks, blotchy skin and some wrinkles)

    I also applied a diffuse glow to it...

    Please give any/all suggestions on how to improve it...we still have another week to try this again...if need be.
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    ...I would maybe remove a few of those freckles unless she specifies otherwise. Particularly the one on her forehead and the one directly "below" her ear ring. I think the amount of softening is right, as it doesn't interfere too much with the areas that need sharpness / focus. The lighting is very even so it [makes for a very calming mood, which is right for this shot I think].
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    Hey Natalie,
    This is good and I like the framing and crop. I agree with Puckjunky about the freckles. I would suggest that since she wants this in b&w to try to have her wear a darker colored blouse or shirt. I think her face and eyes would really benefit from a darker color surrounding her. I just feel it would be much more "sexy" as this is going to be for her husband. I would say to try a session with her and have her bring a few different tops to wear ( by the way, I think she would look great in a dark colored turtle neck) and you would have a few choices.
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