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Thread: Poliezi art

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    photo junkie CanonBall's Avatar
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    Poliezi art

    Same image as before, but tweaked in Photoshop to put more emphasis on the officer.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Poliezi art-poliezi-1-copy.jpg  
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    Moderator of Critiques/Hearder of Cats mtbbrian's Avatar
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    I like...

    Hey Dennis,
    I missed the first time you posted this.
    I have seen the Poliezi , and I think you humanize them in this photo.
    They seem very robotic, very intimidating.
    I like the coloring, it works well. This is an excellent portrait.
    Thanks for posting!
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    mod squad gahspidy's Avatar
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    this is an excellent portrait of this officer.Very good bg blur, just right to keep the subject in his surroundings but not have it distract from him. Also nice touch by converting bg to b&w. I would only want to see the reflective blur in the lower right corner of frame removed or reduced, but not a big issue.
    Great image
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    Intermediate member bobbythebandit's Avatar
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    Good work although i did not see the original.This is one of those faces , full of character and i imagine he has a few stories to tell.Thats the way this image speaks to me, good one.

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    Paint with Light PuckJunkey's Avatar
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    A very nice photo / montage of sorts. The composition really draws you in and the shot of the officer himself is very well done.
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    nice work

    looks good, I havn't seen the other one you talked about.

    My eye went right to the face of the person in the upper right, I found it added tension to the composition, too much, I don't know. It depends on how and for what the photo is to be used.

    Nice work catching the expresion on the face, totoally makes the picture



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