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Thread: B/W Fine Art

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    B/W Fine Art

    Hello everybody. I've been out of school for a while and am just looking for some feedback on my work. All images were shot with a 4x5 field camera. Any feedback would be wonderful. Thanks!
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    Moderator of Critiques/Hearder of Cats mtbbrian's Avatar
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    Great images!

    I take it you are new here?
    Where did you go to school then?
    Those are great images.
    The first one is kind of busy.
    I like the last three the best.
    The second isn't as busy, but the expressions on the girls faces, makes it very interesting.
    The still life of the dress is good photograph that seems to have a lot of hidden meanings.
    And the last one has a Diane Arbus quality to it.
    I am sure they are far better in person than on the computer.
    Good to see that someone is using a view camera!
    How old are these images?
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    While urban life shots are not my strong suit (so I don't feel it fair for me to comment on them in much detail), I will say that all but the dress shot seem a tad out of focus to me. Although this could be a scan or jpeg issue, if it's not something you intended.

    Of the three people shots I like the little girls the best. They seem comfortable around you and not posed.
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    Not bad kiddo

    So, if you're new to photography, then I say you are a budding genius. I think these photos are really beautiful and indicative of a great eye for composition, tone, and emotional impact. Also, how old are you and what did you major in at school?

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    exceptional work!

    very well thought out and executed.very emotive and gives the feeling of a real slice of life in each only complaint is with the one of the girls seems the contrast is alittle too much.i hope youll be posting more some time these are just superb.

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    This is my favourite area of photography

    Quote Originally Posted by Tiffany 13
    Hello everybody. I've been out of school for a while and am just looking for some feedback on my work. All images were shot with a 4x5 field camera. Any feedback would be wonderful. Thanks!
    The photo's that mean something years from now are exactly this style of photography, capturing daily life, which is all around us, but rarely recorded. You have a good eye, congratulations, your in the style of the 1950,s press guys who had to work with 4x5. I'm sure the quality of your work shows through on large prints.
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    Wink Many Thanks

    First off, I just want to that all of you for your feedback. [Oh yes, and thanks for the many compliments : ). They really make me smile]

    OK to answer a few questions: I am 23 and graduated fom Fordham Univ. with a degree in Visual Arts. And although they are not known for their photo program, I can say that the people I studied inder and the people I went to school with were amazing photographers.

    Anyway... these images are from about 1 - 3 years old. I have more recent ones and will post them later. I really just want to apply to grad school but have limited time to meet with people for 1 on 1 crits anymore. So I just really want to get to see where I'm at and where I need to go before I apply. [because many of my friends have gone to great grad schoolsfor photo and I don't want to be the only chump who gets rejected].

    And yes, all of the images were printed 16x20 or larger so I couldn't scan them. obviously. So I had to take pics of them with my digital and they looked fine when I uploaded them, but now that I see them, they really don't look like they're supposed to. They are all in focus and printed really well. [Where I came from, you don't print like garbage because if you do no one will respect you].

    Enough about me.

    Once again, thank you all for your feedback and I am looking forward to seeing all of your work right about... now!

    ~ Tiffany

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    yeah, i like these as well. please post some more of your stuff- it's fun to look at!
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    wonderful images

    I really enjoyed the first thru the third one...especially the second and third...

    the first--- the gnetleman seems so absorbed in thought and the "crookedness" of the street in contrast to the horizontal lines in the yard makes it look like we're looking out to another world--a crooked world

    the second of the girls--- what little women! it just made me much to learn but such a defined sense of themselves...shy but confident...this is p a priceless photo

    the last of the slip and photo---so many stories waiting to be told. It just keeps you guessing...who's slip...the girl...the story? I like the starkness of the slip and the sun and the shadow cast against the wall.

    These images are stiking in a very impactful way but very subtle at doing it very refreshing

    These are beautiful images and you have a VERY unique gift. Thank you so much for sharing them with us and welcome aboard!
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