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    New Photo Gallery

    Very impressive! Now I know why you are all happy with your digital camera. You all have expensive cameras. I will never be able to afford such a camera, so will a cheaper camera get the same results? Not likely right. Prove me wrong.
    Photo-John, love the pic of the cat.

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    It's hurricane season... again...
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    This is from my fairly cheap Kodak DC5000 point and shoot. UN-EDITED. Not the best, but not too bad, either! (Nothing a little Photoshop can't fix! ;) )
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    Canon Bird Nerd #2

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    Here's a shot from my Canon A80 I got last week. It won't replace my film SLR and I'll have to learn to live with deeper depth of field than I'm used to but I plan to carry it in my pocket every day of its life.
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