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    London Pageantry - testing the new camera

    Hi all .. as it was a lovely day today I thought I'd go into London and test out my new Pentax *ist DL with a little pageantry. Two photos are attached. One is a salute being taken as part of the "Changing of the Guard" (which is something we Brits do for tourists!) and the other is a Horse Guard.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails London Pageantry - testing the new camera-london-12-jpg-small.jpg   London Pageantry - testing the new camera-london-21-jpg-small.jpg  

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    Re: London Pageantry - testing the new camera

    I reckon you must be pretty happy with the results from the new camera if these are anything to go by.
    I'm a Pentax man myself so I should know LOL

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    Re: London Pageantry - testing the new camera

    Looks like you have a great lens on this too! Nice work Didache, good to see you are out having fun with the new rig! Looks like a good day to be out with it too. As to a specific critique for the images I like the face of the young horse guard. He looks so young and serious. Good detail in the shadow under the hat brim for what looked like a blazingly sunny day. Wait till you try it at night!
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