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    Ken ksbryan0's Avatar
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    Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone

    This is an evening shot I took back in 2011, looking away from the sunset from the top of the Lower Falls of the Yellowstone. Because of the indirect lighting and clouds, the image came out pretty flat, so I made three exposures of this image (-2, 0, +2) and made an HDR image out of them. The centeredness of the image nags at me, but I don't know how I'd crop it without losing the "feel" of the location. Otherwise, wondering how the PP looks to all of you, and any thoughts or suggestions you want to contribute. (The OOF, hazy looking area along the left bank is mist from the falls that are directly under the camera.)
    Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone-20110707_lowerfalls_ynp_1712-edit.jpg
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    Re: Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone

    As you say the centred river is a minor issue but I don't think a crop will fix it without losing some of the effect. The colours remind me of some 1930s Wild West or boys own illustration. Possibly a vibrancy and contrast bump but other than that I'd leave it alone.

    Isn't it a cool thing in nature that the colours never seem to clash...

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    Re: Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone

    Hmm. Interesting pic, Ken. I find it somewhat retro, like it belongs in a travel brochure from the 50s or 60s Must be those earthy colors that were the mark of some film and/or paper back then, though I can't remember which one it was (Agfa looked a lot like this, very brown, grey..).

    The river is certainly the focal point, but there may be too little of it to scratch the itch.

    However, if you could somehow turn this into an animated image and have the water MOVING, I think that would be really neat. no kidding!

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    Re: Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone

    I think the composition works for me here. I think the white balance and color may need a little tweaking - this is probably why G said it looked like from an old catalog ...because the color balance in the analog days was often a little off. Also, HDR sometimes create insufficient contrast you could actually maybe add some more - especially in the whites.

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