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    As far as the eye could see - anything achieved here?

    The view from Cedar Breaks at 11,000 feet facing west into a Utah sunset.

    The desired effect here is to show the great west... from that high up, I am thinking that some of those far ridges are part of the Sierra Nevadas... maybe.

    You can see alot of mountain ridges, but does this photo "do" anything? I mean, anything besides make me dread all the ink it would take to print so much dark color.
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    Sean, I think you could do a lot with this photo, it is slightly underexposed and the white balance isn't there (I think looking at the image in PS).

    There is a lot of detail in the trees and I think for this to work you need to see the complete vista from the start to the distant clouds. Like Pastals if that makes sense to you.

    As it stands now it sort of reminds me of a coloured painting at the top, the different levels of colour in the setting/rising sun, don't know which way you were standing.

    I played around with it a little, and you can bring the foreground out more, just to give it the distinct hilliness of the vista you took.

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