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    Digital B&W conversion

    This is one of the first digital-capture images I've worked with for B&W conversion. My goal is to have a contrasty image that looks like it was captured on film. I used the channel mixer in photoshop for conversion - heavy on the reds. The subject is a lighthouse in Door County, Wisconsin.
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    I like this. nice contrast between the lighted area and shaded. I only don't like that the very top of the railing in the upper left is cut out. Just a nit pik.
    Good conversion. After experimenting with b&w conversion myself, I think that is the best way that I know of. Convert to monochrome in the channel mixer and play with the levels to get the desired effect. Sort of mimicks using various filters on a lens with b&wfilm.
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    I think the B&W is well done. The image itself doesn't work for me - I feel like I'm looking for balance or a focal point that is not there. That may just be me.

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    Pretty nice look to it...the smooth tones remind me of my favorite b&w film, Delta 100. Good composition and good range of tones, though the highlights have lost some detail. Nice shot.

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