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    Convention center San Diego


    Some pictures from my last trip to San Diego last month, what do you think?

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Convention center San Diego-s1.jpg   Convention center San Diego-s2.jpg   Convention center San Diego-s4.jpg   Convention center San Diego-s5.jpg  

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    I really like the last photo. But the focus on that one is a little off to me. I believe that you have the first poll in focus, but I am not sure if that was the best one to focus on. Just a thought.

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    I am originally from San Diego, these pictures remind me very much of San Diego. I don't miss traffic and people but I do miss the weather and the wonderful things to see. (Not that there aren't wonderful things to see in Wyoming!)

    1. I like the way the lifesaver station contrasts in size to the people on the beach. You can also see the wind in the there is a bit of action here too, besides the people walking.

    2. Are those tent tops in the foreground of the convention center? I like the contrast between these too, different types of "buildings". One is permanent, strong and sturdy, the other is portable, can be moved on a whim. I like this effect very much.

    3. I think the shot of the flower is very pretty, you can see every detail inside. (I hope my first macro shots come out like this when I get them developed here soon). I think you have a strong focus on the flower to, there is no distraction from the background.

    4. What are they? They are very interesting and I like how they are lined up. I feel like I am kind of left empty-handed, wanting more. That is just me tho!
    "When you aim for perfection you discover it is a moving target".

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    hi Sebastien ,
    I like the composition of the poles. i would also like to know what they are and why you chose to shoot these? possibly could have conveyed this in a photo?

    the lifeguard hut is nice but a bit dreary. maybe some better sky would have worked also without the people. im a great fan of these type of shots taken at sunrise/sunset. this one to capture the view a lifeguard may see.

    the abstract seems to me to be too cluttered and the building centred dont work with me.

    Keep up the good work.

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    i dig #4. lights at the airport maybe??

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