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Thread: blue coil

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    photo junkie CanonBall's Avatar
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    Jul 2003
    Chesapeake Beach, MD

    blue coil


    It has been a long time since I have been in the community, the military is keeping me busy!

    I shot this rope with the thought of using color as a compositional tool, does it work?

    Any thoughts would be helpful.

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    Member Norman's Avatar
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    Feb 2004

    Works for me......

    The blue is very vivid, maybe a different backround something plain would add to the graphic nature. The other thing that you might give some thought to is maybe placing a contrasting, but complimentary colored object on the coil, such as a small yellow flower, or a floating red whistle. Then shoot it far tighter ( closer).

    Sorry the creative juices sometimes get carried away, your giving me ideas.
    Happy to Photograph

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    mod squad gahspidy's Avatar
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    Feb 2004
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    I think it needs a bit more dimension, something further to hold the interest. Perhaps a shadow or an indentation in the sand where the rope is laying.imo
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    Paint with Light PuckJunkey's Avatar
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    Would make for a good stock photography shot / illustration basis.
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    They call me Andy... ACArmstrong's Avatar
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    I like the idea, but agree that maybe a better angle, a shadow, or something to add interest to the pic. Maybe keep the rope in its current position and get down almost level with the table. The loose could track into the foreground and the back end of the coil could fade into the background.

    Just my .02 - great color though - one of my favs.
    Andy Armstrong
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