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Thread: b+w conversion

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    b+w conversion

    I would like to get some opinions on this photo which was converted from a colour jpeg to b+w using Arcsoft. It was taken with a Canon G6 using tungsten lighting. Thanks in advance.
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    Re: b+w conversion

    Looks okay to me - but it may need a little bit more of a contrast boost so that the forehead is not so blown out.

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    Re: b+w conversion

    i have to agree with roger here...a bit of a bump in contrast will make a world of difference to this one. the tones are nice and there is an overall good balance to the picture.


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    Re: b+w conversion

    Very nice. I agree with the previous comments and think that I'd crop it just above the hair. But I'm not a people photographer so what do I know?

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    Re: b+w conversion

    Very good portrait. i agree a slight boost in contrast would help it pop a little more. Also, Chunks crop suggestion would work nicely, unless you need to keep the original aspect ratio.
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