I recently started an artists community website at www.artybuzz.com. It is a site for photographers of all kinds to exhibit their work online and sell images of their work as prints, canvases, t shirts etc...if they wish to do so.

I'd basically like to learn more about what photographers want to get out of a site like mine, is it through earning money from sales of art? getting your work recognised by a new audience? getting feedback on your work? interacting with other artists or just enjoying looking at other people's creations?

I'm looking to develop a number of new features on the site in the coming months so it would be great to get some info on problems you face and any thoughts, opinions and ideas on what kinds of services, features or benefits you would like to see to help you as photographers.

This is a genuine query and i'm not just plugging my site, I'd actually like to hear what photographers are looking for and how i can meet those needs and help deliver a really good service to photographers like you.

Thanks, I look forward to hearing what you have to say, any kinds off comments are welcome

- Richard