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    Tennis elbow for photographers?

    I have noticed recently that my elbow hurts after long full day weddings. I am a wedding photojournalist so I barely use tripod, etc. I move around a lot. My right elbow hurts especially when I photograph two wedding after each other. I have my camera, the flash and the heavy 24-70mm in my hand most of the time. The setup is heavy is heavy.

    Did you experience something like this?

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    Re: Tennis elbow for photographers?

    I've found that my wrists are usually sore at the end of a full day shooting. Today for example I spent about 5 hours at a downhill mtb race, and I alternated holding either D700 + grip + 70-200 or a D300/12-24 F4 combo. I think my elbows get more sore from lying on the ground on sharp pointy weeds.
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    Re: Tennis elbow for photographers?

    Definitely. After one weekend with my old EOS-1D with 70-200mm f/2.8L mounted I thought I'd injured my arm. It was only a week later that I associated the problem with the camera. Now I make it a point to let go of the camera if I'm not actually shooting. My elbow and neck still get sore after a serious weekend of shooting, though.

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    Re: Tennis elbow for photographers?

    Yea, I've had that. Have it right now, in fact. Makes one handed shooting with my D700 and 14mm f2.8 lens a bit painful. My advice: Alieve and an ace bandage.

    Actually the worst camera injury I've ever had was the time I was jumping from one rock to another while shooting whitewater kayaking- the camera banged into my elbow and the metal bladed lens hood smashed right into my ulna nerve. After the intense explosion of pain, the outside of the hand on that arm was numb for weeks.
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