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    Lightbulb Tax return deadline

    According to Offshorenewsflash:
    Time is running out for thousands of people who have yet to file their tax returns as the midnight deadline looms.
    HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC), which estimates that about 10 million self assessment tax returns will be lodged by the end of the day, has so far received more than 9.85 million returns.

    The last-minute rush has also included more than 20,000 who filed their return online between midnight and 8am while another 10,000 filed between 8am to 9am – taking the total to 9.85 million by 9am.

    The deadline for submitting an online self-assessment tax return and paying any tax due is midnight on January 31.

    Those in self-assessment who fail to meet this face an initial fixed penalty of £100, even if there is no tax to pay, plus interest on any tax not paid by the due date. All tax returns which are still outstanding must be submitted online, as the deadline for filing paper returns passed on October 31 last year.

    On last year’s deadline day, 557,000 people scrambled to get their returns in online. HMRC also noted that about 400,000 people every year are told they are unnecessarily filling out a self assessment form.

    This is due to the mobile nature of the UK workforce which means that people move in and out of having to make a self assessment return all the time.

    Tax return deadline: Time running out for 185,000 people who still haven't filed returns - Offshore News Flash

    Is anyone affected by this?

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    Re: Tax return deadline

    its really interesting

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