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    Red face In Over My Head...Someone Wants To Use a Photo

    I was contacted by a woman who is co-authoring a book. She has asked to use 2 of my photos that she saw online. She sent a blank copy of a photo release form. After my asking about payment, she has offered a small payment. She has asked for an invoice.
    I have no idea how to make an invoice. Can someone help?

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    Re: In Over My Head...Someone Wants To Use a Photo

    Congratulations Catherine.

    Do you have any office type programs on your computer? Something like Microsoft Officel? A lot of those types of programs have templates built into them for this type of thing. You should be able to find something there and customize it for your needs.

    You could also create your own in Excel if you have to.

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    Re: In Over My Head...Someone Wants To Use a Photo

    Congrats... What a nice problem to have...... I think MS office / excel has some templates. And if you go to microsoft online, they have even more templates in a variety of colors, ect. I would check there.

    Good luck...

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    Re: In Over My Head...Someone Wants To Use a Photo

    Congratulations! Unfortunately I don't know what an invoice is, either, so can't help you there...though I recently turned one of those down, someone contacted me via email and said they saw a photo of mine on flickr they wanted to use in a book (for free; i get the "honor" of having them print my photo...with my name and copyright on the bottom, of course, and I'd get a free book and all...) Unfortunately I didn't really like the idea of signing over the rights just yet for that particular photo since I have used it before in other mediums...but yeah make sure you read your agreement very carefully and make sure you don't sign away your entire right to reproduce it yourself, afterwards !

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    Re: In Over My Head...Someone Wants To Use a Photo

    Another thought, is to sign a release that allows them permission to ONLY use them in that book but you still have all rights and claims to that image as yours, and ask that your info be published along with it. I would still expect a small payment for doing so. But that way you still have all rights to the image, and can continue to do as you want with it.
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