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I see some nice stuff but do wish the thread would get moved so other people with other than Pentax would see it.
I wouldn't have looked except the title said Tamron so was interested to see what the lens does..
Hi Frog...Trying to "hijack" our thread, huh...hehehe...j/k...
Actually, we started a "challenge" for others with this and other lenses and equipment to join in the fun and have received some nice submissions. We have a couple other of these types of threads that were mostly started by jgredline and a few others.

Therefore, it is not an issue of "moving" the thread, but joining in the fun. The sad part is that you're right about ppl missing out on some great photography because they don't check my little corner of the world that much...hehe...

But, sad to say also, I miss out on a lot, because I don't follow a lot of the forums either.

Thank you though, for your interest and if you have some of these lenses, pls join in the fun!!! We'd love to see what you have!!!