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    Pentax K100D Lenses

    I'm kinda new at this Digital Stuff, But have had a Pentax K1000 for many years, Thus obtaining alot of manual zoom lenses, I found that the new K100D will accept those lenses and for what I'll be doing with it, It was a no brainer that I needed this camera, I purchased it with the 18-55mm auto lens, I immediatley removed that and installed my 300mm zoom, After setting the aperture ring to "A" and switching the body to MF and dial to M, I was zooming and taking quality photos in minutes, My question is How can I use my 2X multiplier on this also, any ideas, I'm getting ready to go to Daytona and need to use my 500mm zoom with the multiplier, Thanks in advance, I Love This Camera.......................Dan

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    Re: Pentax K100D Lenses

    Is your 2x an automatic? Does it transfer the aperture information from the camera to the lens like the lens does in A mode?

    If not it's a manual converter and you will have to mannually set the aperture on the lens and use stop down metering for exposure.

    If you used the 2x converter on the K1000 in auto mode, it should work in auto mode on the K100D.

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    Re: Pentax K100D Lenses

    The K1000 has no auto mode at all. It's a completely mechanical camera with no need for batteries (unless you want to use the meter).

    If the converter doesn't transfer information, he'll have to set "aperture value other than A" to "permitted" in the Custom menu, use the lens/converter in Manual, and use either the DOF preview to meter or, if the camera has a green button, use the green button to set the shutter speed in Manual.

    I have the D and the K10D, they both have the green button. I've never used a K100D.

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    Re: Pentax K100D Lenses

    the k100 has the green button..


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