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    dust on pentax ist DL2

    i've got a prob.just bought a pentax istDL2,i seem to have dust specs and even a hair or similar above the top window.which is above the shutter in short where i cant get to it.ive had this exchanged for same prob 2 weeks ago,the shop jessops uk said that he would exchange this time .can anyone help


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    Re: dust on pentax ist DL2

    On a digital SLR dust is a fact of life.
    When you change lenses, dust gets in.
    Some Zoom lenses that extend and shring the barrel when you zoom, also move dust about as the volume of air changes.

    Film SLR cameras it's easy, open up the back and blow out the dust !
    You can't do that on a digital SLR and once you get dust in it's hard to clean out without damaging the camera.

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    Re: dust on pentax ist DL2

    Hello Hayes....My wife and I have the ist DL also. We had the same problem on hers and eventually had to send it to the factory to get it cleaned. Now mine has a hair or something above the mirror that blowing won't get out, so I am preparing to send mine in, also. I don't know if there is any other way to get the dirt out if it is above the mirror. If you find a way, please let me know.

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    Re: dust on pentax ist DL2

    The first thing to try is a bulb-blower, you can buy one at any camera store. Usually that clears the dust off the filter that sits in front of the sensor. Your camera will have a sensor cleaning mode, read the instruction book to find out how to use it.

    The next stage would be one of the sensor cleaning kits that are sold for digital SLR's. I've always been careful changing lenses so I've never needed more than the bulb-blower. But at some point, every DSLR will require careful sensor cleaning.

    If you're not sure what you're doing, perhaps a local camera store has a sensor cleaning service. Just be sure to be very gentle when cleaning the sensor, you don't want to get a scratch on the filter that sits in front of the sensor.

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