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    Re: Macro Lense Question

    Thanks for everyones help. After some careful consideration I decided to go for the 50mm prime lense with a sigma MC UV filter (heard a few times that they are better than hoyas by people who owned both although not many people buy sigmas MC filters), but what really drove me to it ws that amazon carried them so i didn't have to ship from someplace else. I think the prime will get enough use just with my fishtanks to justify owning it.

    Of course the 14-54 or 12-60 is next on my list. I think I can make use of them both, but also figure I should play with the kit lense some more first, it takes satisfactory pictures outside. I bought $50 in filters for the 14-43 that I JUST recieved last night, so I'd hate to sell the lense already without using it some more first.
    off topic but,

    Is it normal to get that bright red hotspot in the middle of the picture? Its a new camrea so I didn't think it should be getting these so early on?

    Sushigaijin, why not just get one of these for your 50mm instead of the sigma? http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00...B5C0BB755M7AKZ
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