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Thread: X-Men 3

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    X-Men 3

    What we heard....1 1/2 stars, too cartoony, all in all, not worth the $18 we paid to see it.

    What we thought....I loved it. I loved the other two as well, though. So if you didn't think those ones were good, you probably wouldn't like this one. I was a little surprised they killed off quite a few of the main characters. Kinda like, okay, this is the last one. But then in the end, they left it open for the the possiblity of another.

    The acting did get a little corny, but come on, it's a comic book. It supposed to be corny and cartoony. Special effects were good. Kelsey Grammer was pretty good as Beast, who I remember from the 1/2 hour cartoon (which I watched until I was about 20). I've never really liked Halle Berry as Storm, I've always thought they should have tried for Iman (David Bowie's wife). Everyone else was pretty well suited for the part they had.

    Bottom line, if you liked the other two, you'll probably like this one. I don't know how true to the comic they stayed, because I never read the comic. But X-men was always my favorite comic book movie.
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    Re: X-Men 3

    I loved the first 2 also. I am very excited to see this one. This was the rare trilogy where the second movie beat out the first imo. There is something about the X-Men concept that gives me the goose bumps. The concept of evolution, the underlying themes of diversity and persecution, the underlying theme of giftedness. I love it all. I could probably do a thesis on "Spiritual and Social Undertones of the X-Men."

    I also agree about Halle Berry. I am used to watching the cartoon too and I thought they should have gotten somebody funkier like the cartoon Storm. Beyonce maybe, I dunno. Halle is just so... sweet.

    How do you feel about Hue Jackman as Wolverine? I like his acting abilities but I am still not convinced he was the best actor for this role. I love Patrick Stewart as Professor X - who doesn't?? I saw in the added features of the DVD Patrick talking about the role and how how he was basically a shoe-in because he looks just like Prof X. I also remember the director talking about how the second and third films were really the ones they were looking forward to making. The first one was kind of the "introduction" film that they had to get out of the way.

    Okay, you surprised me by saying a lot of the X-Men die. Now I will have to go see it.

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    Re: X-Men 3

    I saw it over the weekend and it was good in my opinion, however, my gf didn't like it as much. She is a huge Rogue fan, and looks like her to a certain extent. She doesn't like how the Rogue character is portrayed in the movies. Rogue by no means was week in the comics or the cartoon series, but for some reason that make her that way in the movies. They evoleve all the other characters to where the more or less can control thier power how they see fit. I don't see how they can stop on this one, with the gaps that they left, and the strings they left untied. Compared to the comics they are pretty close, but not quite, but comics also let you use your imagination more, and no movie will ever be as complex as your imagination. Its worth a look see just to see some of the lesser known mutants fromt he marvel universe.
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    Re: X-Men 3

    I haven't seen it yet, but I plan to soon.

    I thought I read somewhere that there were 4 X-Men movies already contracted, but I could be confusing that with the Spiderman flicks. Not sure, I'll have to look that up.

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    Re: X-Men 3

    Quote Originally Posted by Adina
    What we heard....1 1/2 stars, too cartoony, all in all, not worth the $18 we paid to see it.
    What do critics expect? Its a comic book movie.
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    Re: X-Men 3

    The previews were cool too. It was my first time seein the Omen preview.
    i enjoyed the movie. I like the Jugurnuant. He was funny. Beast was awesome. I didn't like the Pheonix too much. its a good movie for what it is...a comic book movie.

    Did anyone stay after the credits?
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    Re: X-Men 3

    It was semi-entertaining, but all the cliche over-acting moments were too abundant. The other two movies didn't fall into that rut. I watched the animated version when I was younger and liked it a lot more than any of the movies.

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