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    Judges and DA's need to be held accountable

    After hearing that Jay Co. Indiana judge Brian Hutchison gave a light sentence to the trucker who killed 4 Taylor University students and a staff member and injured 5 others the judge sentenced the guy to 8 years in prison with 4 suspended, a $5000 fine and 500 hours community service.... the judge could have and should have given him a 24 year sentence.....instead Robert Spence could be out of jail in 13 months!
    This same judge has a history of light sentences including a 14 day sentence to a teacher who sent nude photos to a middle school student, with 2 days suspended for "time served". The DA in that case dropped a number of more serious felony charges, the guy could have gotten up to 40 years.... but he gets a walk, not even a fine.

    Another judge a couple years ago gave a known child molester a 9 month sentence for a sexual assault on a 9 year old girl.

    Judges and DA's need to be held accountable for being too lienent in too many cases. to heck with overcrowding in the jails, these people need to be kept off the streets, and so should some of these judges and DA's.

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    Re: Judges and DA's need to be held accountable

    Problem solved. Send them to Oregon:

    Ever feel like the cases got mixed up and ended up in the wrong people's hands?

    A few facts not apparent in this story (this has been an ongoing event in these parts, gaining some national attention)

    11 children, both male and female, participated in the events that day. Two were charged.

    At yesterday's court proceedings, both the "victims" and their parents appeared in court wearing "Free Cory and Ryan" T-shirts, which were printed and sold to raise money for the boys' defense.

    Public opinion is hugely against this case seeing the light of day. People from as far away as Germany have contributed to the defense fund. Undaunted, the Yamhill County district attorney (I can't in good conscience capitalize that) and now apparently a circuit court judge have pressed the case forward.

    So what do you call the "thin blue line" when it involves not law enforcement, but officers of the court? I know what I'd call it, but the censors would never allow it.

    I agree wholeheartedly with your statement, JS. Judges and DA's do indeed need to be held accountable.

    - Joe U.

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    Re: Judges and DA's need to be held accountable

    When was the last time that the few people who even bother to vote know the judges they are voting for? How many of these voters use the appoinment of bad judges to vote for "the other guy"? Accountability is there but voters refuse to pay attention. We get what we deserve.
    “Men never do evil so cheerfully and completely as when they do so from religious conviction.” — Blaise Pascal

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