ICA Auctions is a very very very bad company to do business with - they basically stole $27,387 from my father after he sold a car in one of their auctions. They auctioned it off back in may, told him he'd have a check in 2 weeks and it never came. We've called them nearly every day asking where it was and they keep saying they sent it via Regular Mail. We've asked them to put a stop on it and overnight one to us and they agreed - that was a month ago. Still nothing. Now when we call we just get the run around and we're told the person in charge of accounting is not there, the president of the company doesn't seem to be there, so now we have to go through the expense of hiring a lawyer to sue the slimballs. So this is just my headsup to anyone out there who puts their hearts into restoring cars and then decides to sell and gets screwed. They have upcoming auctions across the nation: http://www.icaauctions.com/events.html - So beware of doing business with them. They seem to think we can't do anything to them to get our money from them. I've had it!