I couldnt find a section about cinematography (i think there should be one)

anyway, i really wanted to recommend a film to you guys called Memories of Murder. It a 2003 film from Korea that is just now being released on DVD by Universal here in the states. its about S. Korea's first recorded serial killer and takes place back in the 80s. But what I really loved about the film was the cinematography. Its wasnt anything too flashy like most indie films and blockbusters, instead it was just great straight forward art direction that was beautiful in its lack of presense yet also in its strong effect of moving the plot forward.

If you havent seen it, i highly recommend it, I loved this film. Every part of the film was great. If you are interested, i also highly recommend checking out the trailer thats what got me hooked on the film. I am pretty sure its still up on the film website at www.memoriesofmurder.com

If you have seen it, what do you think of the film? do you love it as much as i do?