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    Re: Domestic spying?


    Iraq and Iran have been at war on and off since before they were seperate countries. Also Iran killed as many Iraqi's as they lost themselves (it wasn't millions either). Since the first war with the US and Iraq over Kuwait Iran has been protecting Iraqi assets. Much of the Iraqi air force that survived the first war is still in Iran as they now have a common enemy.
    It wouldn't surprise me if the President doesn't suddenly decide that Iraq's chemical weapons are now sitting in Tehran, and instead of pulling out of Iraq they invade Iran.


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    Re: Domestic spying?

    Booming economy, huh? Global Crossing, Enron, Arthur Andersen Accouting, MCI, Need we say more about the supposed wonderful '90s.
    Just because some took advantage of a company's finances for personal gain hardly determines whether the economy was better off 10 years ago than it is now.
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    Re: Domestic spying?

    Quote Originally Posted by masdog
    Just because some took advantage of a company's finances for personal gain hardly determines whether the economy was better off 10 years ago than it is now.
    These were some of the companies driving the '90s economy.

    These are examples of what certainly a portion of the economy was really based on for a number of years. Not so different from junk bonds and similar activities a decade before. Not that today is significantly better, but when a particular period is examined be aware there's often a significant component that's not as it seems. The example at the moment is that we are spending huge amount on the various 'security' issues both domestically and regarding the 'war on (fill in the blank)'. Economically it is not always about the efficacy of the expenditure, often only about the size and location of the spending.

    The only point here was about the 'ruining' of the ecomony and Voodoo Economics and whether the healthy 1990's really lived up to its claims. Somebody is probably going to be unhappy and hurt no matter who is in charge.

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    Re: Last Call

    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Fanelli
    First, when I said that Dubya is the dumbest president since I've been alive, I meant it. That has nothing to do with presidents I like or don't like. For example, I intensely disliked Nixon but he was extremely intelligent. We are talking about old-fashioned down-home stupid here. In my personal opinion, he may be mildly disabled. Listen to him when he is talking without a prepared statement. See how confused the guy gets when presented with off-script material and situations. I am no fan of Bush yet it still pains me sometimes to see him floundering like that.
    Very well said Michael. Here's the evidence:
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