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    Re: da Da Vinci Code

    I agree that the movie was sub-par. way before it came out, i was thinking about movies made out of dan brown books, and the first thing that came to my mind was that they shouldnt make a movie out of TDC. Angels and Demons or deception point are much better suited for a movie. But i guess they wanted the one that there was a TON of hype over. still, angels and demons is better. Just don't read digital fortress.

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    Re: da Da Vinci Code

    I'm gonna go out on a limb here and be candid: I thought the book was one of the worst I've read in a long time. It felt like sitting through dinner with a pseudo-intellectual trying to show you how smart he is, throwing out obscure factoids every few minutes. The writing itself was weak -- I never identified with any of the characters and thought he dialogue was stilted and unrealistic.

    Now, for some strange reason, I thought I'd like the movie and went right out and saw it. The movie was long but perhaps a little better than the book. Tom Hanks and the usually outsanding Alfred Molina were wasted, though. I thought Paul Bettany and Ian McKellen were good (McKellen stole every scene), but not enough. Not nearly enough.

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