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    Hummingbird at slower shutter speed

    f6.3, 1/250 sec. ISO 250. Cropped and enhanced with Photoshop.

    MF of course

    Some don't think this shot works.

    Hummingbird at slower shutter speed-hummer-flapping.jpg

    Sorry about the camera shake :blush2:

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    Re: Hummingbird at slower shutter speed

    It has a fluidity quality about it that would work had the head not been obscured.

    You obviously have watched them enough to know that they keep their heads still when they "wag their tail" while hovering. So 1/250s and 1/350s are still fast enough to freeze their heads while really giving their wings/body a good motion blur.

    Personally, I like to shoot h-birds between 1/250s and 1/1000s.

    Thanks for sharing.
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    Re: Hummingbird at slower shutter speed

    Personally I like the other (fast shutter) one better. I like to see the wings sometimes.

    Maybe it's because with your own eye, you normally just see a blur, seeing the wings is a nice change of pace. Or maybe it's because I have been unsuccessful with faster shutter speed humming bird shots. I always seem to get wing blur.:mad2:

    Either way, both shots work in their own way. I just prefer the one from the other thread.
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    Re: Hummingbird at slower shutter speed

    Myself I would like it in between the two shots but leaning toward the first one. For regular bird shots I like them still and sharp but with humming birds I think it adds a nice touch to show a little wing motion, Jeff
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    Re: Hummingbird at slower shutter speed

    For hummingbird shots, blur could still be there even if you use a multi-flash system. At least from photos I've seen. One thing I haven't been able to do is to get the whole bird in the DOF.

    I think shooting hummingbirds is not that difficult if you know where they hover. I have a series of three shots with the hummingbird hovering, first facing me, then turned to its left and then right and I got all of them even with MF. It seems to me most hummingbird shots are made when the bird is hovering or busy feeding least I haven't seen a hummingbird in flight shot like those of swallows or bald eagles.

    Here's a unique set of hummingbird photos from somebody else:

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    Re: Hummingbird at slower shutter speed

    It doesn't work that well for me, due to the wing covering the eye. To me, the eye is generally the most important piece of the bird or mammal.
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    Re: Hummingbird at slower shutter speed

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    Sadan Ali
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    Re: Hummingbird at slower shutter speed

    Great advice is given by so many experts. Really grateful for it.

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