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    What would be the best color of mat board to use?

    Hi! I have been searching all day for the best mat board to use for my B&W photo collections that I am planning to use for my wall decor. I've got my mat board @ since they have big collections of photo mats. But my biggest problem is that I just can't decide what color would best go for B&W photos?

    I would gladly appreciate all your suggestions. Thanks in advance!

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    Re: What would be the best color of mat board to use?

    I personally wouldn't put color matboard with a BW image. I'd say deep blacks that can match the black points of the image. If you get a really deep black that is a deeper black than any tone in your image, it may cause the image to look flat or faded by contrast.

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    Re: What would be the best color of mat board to use?

    The color or lack depends on the print, frame, and room. White or black matte board with or without texture would work. You can ways float the print in a clear poly frame also.

    If you are selling, use plain Jane white matte board.

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    Re: What would be the best color of mat board to use?

    I usually used blacks, grays whites, and off whites to good advantage with B&W prints. Depending on the tones browns and bieges can work too. I have a 30's vintage print mounted in beiges, looks great. It helps to be able to hold the print up against matte samples to choose. I buy my mattes locally for that reason, and so they don't get trashed in shipping. I'm ultimately very lazy so I frequently have my mattes done professionally. that helps because I frequently use non-standard crops as well.
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    Re: What would be the best color of mat board to use?

    I would go with white mat and small black frame. Don't do anything fancy that would take away from the art..
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