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Thread: Is it possible?

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    Question Is it possible?

    I have a nice photo here of my son Blake who, sadly we lost last year just before his 21st birthday. I'm no expert in photography but i know that many of you out there are. I know that it's a small file size and i would like to know if any of you could, using your very clever and expensive editing programmes such as ''Photoshop'' could increase it's resolution and turn it in to a photo that i could get printed at A4 size that i could then frame as a present for his mum.
    Maybe impossible? If so please PM me and i will send it to you at a somewhat larger file size.
    Many thanks for any efforts or advice.
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    Re: Is it possible?

    Hi lenjames

    Sorry to hear the fellow passed away at such a young age.

    Whether or not it can be done so that it's not too fuzzy or blurry depends on how large an image it currently is. A4 is approximately 8 inches by 11 inches printed. Normally, the photo labs here ask for something like a file resolution of 300 pixels per inch, so they would ask for an 8 x 300 by 11 x 300 pixel image, which is 2400 x 3300 image size. I know that a picture can be increased in resolution by using a technique called "up res", but I am not sure what it takes to do so, not having done it.

    Hopefully someone who has will reply here!

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    Re: Is it possible?

    Hi lenjames,

    Sorry about your loss, I can't imagine how hard it would be to lose a son or daughter.

    As for the picture, what are the pixel dimensions of the largest file you have of that image?

    The problem with upscaling an image is that the computer is essentially making up pixel information. If the original file size is too far off from where you want it to be, the image quality will degrade a lot.

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    Re: Is it possible?

    You need the image file to be about 3 mega pixels or greater before even thinking that you can get a good sharp print at 8 by 10 inches. You printing at about 150 dpi resolution at that sized, and as long the photo looks in focus and correctly exposed on the monitor you are good to go. No one is going to take a loupe to the print at that size as it's in a 11 x 14 frame if matted.

    I've printed and sold may 8 by 10 prints form the old 3.3 mega pixel camera. But you must remember not all printers were created equally. I have not used any out side printing services, and always have gotten good prints from the printers I've used ( 740i, C80, C84, and my current printer R-2400 with factory ink and paper)

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    Re: Is it possible?

    I'm sorry for your loss. While it is possible to "up-res" (make it larger, higher resolution), it usually isn't possible to do it by much, and to make a halfway decent print you'd need at least 150dpi which is dots per inch (300 would be ideal). This means that for an 8"x10" print, the long side would need to be at least 1500 pixels (again, 3000 would be ideal). By looking at this, I'd guess you have about 6-700.

    Do you have a larger file? The larger the better. Unfortunately, my computer with Photoshop on it is having problems so I can't do anything at the moment. Bottom line to what I said above is that I really don't think it will look good.

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