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    Talking pics emailed to me are blotchy

    My daughter has just bought herself a digital camera, and has sent me pics, when i open them on my computer they appear blotchy. I have tried to adjust them in photo express but they remain the same. Is there anything i can do to make them clearer. Thank you for any help. Janine

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    Hi Janine. Tasmania, eh? Wow...

    Welcome ot the site, Janine...

    What exactly do you mean by "blotchy"? Are there areas where it looks like pixelation? In other words, patches of square colors that stick out from the rest of the shot..

    If so, there is little you can do to improve your pics. It sounds like they may be jpegs that have been compressed a bit too much. In that case, the information that has been lost cannot be replaced.

    You should find out how your daughter processes her photos before sending them to you. She probably needs to change things slightly to give you better quality shots...

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    Hi Janine,

    Welcome to this great website, nice to have another Aussie here with the few that are regulars here. Hope it isn't too Cold for you at present in the Great Souther Ocean. Has certainly been cold up here in Sydney, snowing at Leura on the Blue Mountains which is fairly rare.

    What size are the files that your daughter is sending to you, that would be a real key to getting better quality shots to you.

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