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Thread: Pentax istDS

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    Angry Pentax istDS

    Has anyone had problems with the Pentax istDS dying? Good batteries, shooting fine and then it appears to focus but won't shoot. I had this happen last November before Thanksgiving. I had gotten an error message which unfortunately I don't remember what it was now. It basically locked up-wouldn't focus. Thankfully I had extended warranty and had Wolf Camera (where it was purchased) send it out for repair. I got it back like 2 days before Christmas . Well here it is May and it happened again. No error this time, it seemed to focus, but wouldn't shoot. Batteries fine again. I'm not a happy camper. I really like the camera, but I can't keep loosing 4-6 weeks while they try to figure it out. Wolf tells me they'll send it to a different repair center and the last time no parts were changed-it looked like only adjustments were done-maybe this time they'll fix it correctly.
    I was told (incorrectly by another Wolf Store) when I was shopping for a camera-that their extended warranty was the best no questions asked they'll replace it if they can't fix it. Well, yes I'm told they will replace the body if it's beyond repair-like if you run it over-removing your lens first. Then you get another refurbished body and it might not be the mint body you had before. Should I care as long as it works? Yeah, for that kind of $$ I care-can't I have both? What about another NEW Camera? Isn't there any lemon laws for cameras-they aren't cheap! I've also purchased another lens & the Digital Flash accessory that of course only fits that camera or perhaps another Pentax. That was before it started acting up. Does anybody have any experiences with this type of BS? I'd appreciate hearing from you. Thanks!


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    Re: Pentax istDS

    Read the Warranty, including all the fine print. The Lemon Law varies from state to state, as to the items covered under the law. Check with your state's ombudsman for help there. If you purchased the camera with a credit card it may be covered under an warranty from your credit card company. Good Luck

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    Re: Pentax istDS

    When the camera was returned the first time, what did the store tell you about what was wrong? There are times that repair operations can't get the problem to duplicate so they just clean it up some and return the item.

    I'd wonder if you might be having an intermittent issue like an overheating battery, a lens that isn't quite seated fully, lens/body contacts that need a bit of cleaning or the like. Now some Flash Units will mess with the camera in that in the TTL control system of choice, they won't fire under certain conditions. A re-read of the manual might be in order if this has occured with the flash(either external or built-in) activated.

    The one other question I'd ask is, how much do you use the camera and when you do, how many shots do you take? Check your flash card(s) if you have different kinds, to see if one memory card or another causes the problem.

    One other question, do you know another user of the same camera? If so, do they shoot similarly to you and have they had ANY problem? Worth checking.

    Best of Luck, let us know and you might also put a note in the Pentax forum if this one doesn't get moved there!

    We'll look forward to pictures when you get it all sorted out.
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