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    Off shoe flash cable vs wireless transmitter on a stroboframe

    I just picked up a stroboframe from a friend and was planning on purchasing the canon off shoe camera cord 2. I shoot a canon 10d and use the 420 ex flash. For a while i have been considering purchasing the 550 ex in order to gain wireless control of the 420 as well, primarily for use in sports photography.

    So now, i am wondering, if i were to purchase the st-e2 wireless transmitter, would it be able to trigger a flash on the stroboframe directly above it. I feel like this uses IR and not Rf to communicate and therefore wouldn't be able to trigger the flash unless it was line of sight.

    i My final question boils down to...can i use the wireless transmitter to trigger my 420 ex while on the stroboframe or should i go low tech and buy the cable.

    Thanks very much

    -pete moran

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    I just tried it with STE2, stroboframe,420EX and canon G3. The flash fires fine.

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