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Thread: Motion sensor

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    Motion sensor

    I have a
    Pentax *ist D
    and I was wondering if it has a motion sensor because I have set up a bird feeder and want the camera to take a picture whenever it senses a motion.


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    Re: Motion sensor

    I don't think that any DSLR has a motion sensor. The higher Nikon DSLR's try to track subject movement by observing the changes in colour on the 1005-zone exposure sensor in order to know which autofocus point to use, but that doesn't trigger an exposure

    I don't think that any point-and-shoots sense motion. I noticed this weekend that my Sony Smartphone does face recognition and chooses that zone to focus on. I believe that some point-and-shoots are triggered off my the subject smiling.

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    Re: Motion sensor

    You will have to purchase a wild life camera motion senor, or have one made for you or make one yourself.

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    Re: Motion sensor

    You could try something like the Zigview. I don't know how well they work or if they will work on your particular camera, but they have a motion sensor built into them.

    There are other motion sensor triggers on the market, but they aren't cheap.

    A much more inexpensive option would be a trail camera that you can pick up at just about any decent department or sporting good store.

    I had a 35mm trail camera given to me a few months ago. My plan is to some day try to take it apart and build a motion trigger I can use on a DSLR but who knows if I will ever get to it...

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