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    Question I need help finding a good lens for indoor photography with my 10D

    I currently have a17-40mm canon lens and a 55-200zoom also by cannon to work with my 10D. I'm shooting indoors in gyms at Martial Arts Tournaments and found that these just don't let in enough light. I also tried using my 550EX flash but that seemed to wash the pictures out way too much...maybe I just don't have it on the correct settings????
    I really like the warmer look of pictures taken without flash, is there an indoor lens that would let in enough light and be suitable for fast movement? Also it helps to have a zoom to get closeups etc. Would it be possible to find a zoom that lets in enough light? I'm new at this so I could use plenty of advise....thanx!

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    FAST CANON(without getting into other brands) LENSES...24-70f2.8L, 70-200F2.8L(IS?), 200f2.8, 200f1.8L, 135 f2.8SF, 135f2L, 100f2, 85f1.8, 85f1.2L..... some are $$$$$$ and some are $$

    then the 50f1.8 at under $100

    indoor imagery isn't my specialty, but high ISO and fast lenses seem to be the norm


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    My prefferd indoor setup is 70-200 2.8, 50mm f/1.8 and in the future the 85mm f/1.8.

    As for the 550ex, make sure to keep a focus point on the subject, that's how it meters for flash. OR, push the asterisk button on the back after recomposing to pre-fire the flash for a reading, although that can get annoying to living subjects.

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