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    Help meee please major decisions to be made!

    Hello everyone!

    Was wondering if you could help me at all. I'm currently lookin to upgrade my camera to a better one, im looking for somthing that will capture movement and speed alot easier than the camera i own at the moment..

    Im looking at the nikon D3000 and the D5000-the differece in FPS is only 1 FPS.
    How much of a difference will this be to my photos? any ideas let me know please (:

    Thanks all.


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    Re: Help meee please major decisions to be made!

    It would help to know what camera you have now to be able to answer how much difference one of these cameras would make, Jeff
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    Re: Help meee please major decisions to be made!

    Well, my logic says the difference between 3fps and 4fps is that one shot you were hoping for.
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    Re: Help meee please major decisions to be made!

    I think either will do fine. It's more about the photographer than the camera. Get whichever one feels most comfortanle to you.

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    Re: Help meee please major decisions to be made!

    Just remember to make sure that the camera you purchase will work with any Nikon Lenses you may already have. As some of the older AF lenses depending on the body you may loose the AF function.

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    Re: Help meee please major decisions to be made!

    The difference is more than just the 1 fps, its also a much better sensor in the D5000, and an articulating LCD. Those I think amount to a lot more than the 1fps difference.

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    Re: Help meee please major decisions to be made!

    Please tell us what kind of movement and speed you're trying to capture. What are you shooting? What are you currently using and what is it about the results you're getting that you don't like?

    Autofocus speed may be more important that FPS. I'm not sure how the D3000 and D5000 compare in terms of their autofocus systems, but that is worth looking into.


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