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    Question Fujifilm vs. Kodak Specific types question

    I know that the best way to answer my question is to put the stuff in the camera and do some side by side comparisions and it may be largely personal preference. BUT, I was wondering if anyone had any experience / opinions on the virtures and/or differences between Fujifilm NPS 160 and Kodak Portra-160NC. Many thanks to anyone who will take the time and effort to give me some more insight on this.

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    I use both Kodak and Fuji

    Primarily for wedding photography, I prefer the Kodak. Kodak's skin color seems softer and a bit warmer that Fuji.

    Funny, but for slide film I use only Fuji and from color print film I use only Kodak.

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    I agree with Dennis, for me it's Kodak neg film (B&W and color) and Fuji slide films. I have a friend that is the opposite of this. The Fuji has a "4th layer" color so that it can reproduce colors more accurately in some bad lighting situations - namely fluorescent. I use Portra because the lab recommended it. It's what they're used to working with and get great results from it.

    My advice would be to call the lab you want to use and see what they deal with and what they recommend. I don't think you'll get much benefit from either unless you use a good lab though.

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