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    Event photos for school

    My middle school wants to take pictures at dances etc.

    Basic posed shots. students get a pic with there friends, and then print out the photo while they wait.

    What I have for gear is a Canon EOS XTi, and a 430ez flash.

    What I think I need, is another flash or strobe, pocket wizard, good quality fast printer, a cable or such to send pic to printer or laptop?

    Not sure on the best way to do this. we did it the other day, take 10 pics, then load the memory card into a little photo printer. just too slow.

    Budget for this stuff should be under 3k. maybe a better lense? (using the stock kit lense)

    Any suggestions on setup and gear?
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    Re: Event photos for school

    Portraits using flash, just make sure you have a background behind the subjects as if there isn't any the background will be black underexposed.

    A nice photo printer and lighting (AC Powered) so you don't need to use the flash, and a seamless background and mounting hardware would be money well invested. I like the Epson printers.

    You may want to purchase a Fast lens equivalent angle of view of a 75mm full frame 35mm lens (full frame). A 50mm F1.8 or F2 would be close and allow the narrow dept of field in your portraits.

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    Re: Event photos for school

    If they will be counting on any of these pictures I would want a backup camera and flash. The quickest way to get in trouble is to have something break and not have a backup. Been there, done that, years ago but it only happened ONCE!!! NEVER AGAIN, Jeff
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    Re: Event photos for school

    I know with my Nikon D60 and Windows 7, when the USB cord is plugged in you can trigger the camera to take pictures from the PC and it will open up in ViewNX or what ever default you have. Worth a try with your Canon?

    Also print outs are old school, I think kids would like pictures sent to their cell phones or what have you. I have virgin mobile, and I know you can send text to phones right off their website. I assume most other carriers have a similar thing. Skype, Windows Live and Facebook have similar features. Maybe worth looking into.

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    Re: Event photos for school

    What you're probably looking for is a Dye Sublimation photo printer like this one from HiTi usually under $300 Kodak and Mitsubishi also make them. Background stands get abused A LOT when taken on location, so go for the mid to high end ones ($169.00+/-). Lighting, you get what you pay for, $200 strobes aren't as reliable or consistent as $1000.00 heads and Fluorescent/tungsten won't have enough power in a dark Gymnasium unless you're shooting with a $1,500.00 lens and a $500.00 tripod. To buy a pair of 580ex's and umbrellas/stands you may as well spend a bit more on strobes though. You can get by without the pocket wizard if you are the only one shooting. I often just use a sync cord and set the optical slave on the second head (this doesn't work when there are other strobes firing in the same room though - they will trigger your lights). Backdrops can be improvised - muslin at JoAnn fabrics is CHEAP in 9' & 10' widths and you can dye or paint them yourself with regular latex house paint if you have a tight budget.

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