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    Question Cropping and keeping resolution

    I have a Nikon D5000. My problem.. . . I have taken photos in both raw and lrg jpeg format. I like to take pics with lots of area and then crop down later. With other cameras that I have used I never lost resolution even cropping to a small detail in my photo. The picture size says it is the same on all my cameras but when I pull up PRINT SIZE my nikon is starting at close to a 10X14 so if I want to pull out the small detail and enlarge I get major pixel distortion. My other cameras all start print size HUGE at 42X30. I am very frustrated because I have pics to edit and I have been 3 days trying different things and rereading the manual. I sure hope you can help!
    Thanks much! DJ

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    Re: Cropping and keeping resolution

    What software are you using?

    Do you actually see more “pixel distortion” or are you just assuming it’s bad because of your inch x inch numbers?

    Some concepts and terminology:

    Cropping means to remove part of the image from the edges. Resizing means to change the pixel resolution of the image.

    In the digital world, the print size has no meaning. What would a 10 inch x 14 inch mean when there are no inches??? What matters is the pixel resolution; such as 4288x2848 from a Large jpg.

    If you are using the inch x inch size, you have to also consider what is often called the Resolution in Dots per Inch (DPI) (or Pixels per Inch (PPI)). If you multiply the inches by the DPI you get the actual number of pixels.

    So, what I think you are seeing is that your old camera said something like 42x32 inches and it was at 72 DPI. Multiply it out and that’s 3024x2304 pixels. The D5000 is reporting 14x10 inches at 300 DPI which is 4200x3000. So, in actuality, the D5000 image has a higher pixel resolution.

    Make sense?

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    Re: Cropping and keeping resolution

    Just remember for photographic prints you need 300 DPI or higher. Remember different makers use different schemes for encoding the color. If you wish an 8 by 10 inch print you will need 2400 by 3000 pixels in your image.

    Now you could get by with 150 dpi and still have a good print but the original has to be in focus with good contrast or it will look bad and that works out to 1200 by 1500 pixels.

    Now for poster size prints you can get by at 72 dpi due to the viewing distance, the 5 by 7 prints or smaller do have to be printed at high resolution due to the viewing distance 300 dpi or higher.

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    Re: Cropping and keeping resolution

    Well actually cropping does affect resolution but in the terms that it is usually understood, a 12 MP image, after cropping will be smaller in MP... but it does not affect print resolution...

    It is simple math, 12.3 MP, according to the information available out there should print at roughly 14x10... if you crop, and still want to print at 14x10 you will loose information, and therefore, get pixellation.

    Personally, I never fully understood the whole concept, so I shifted to minimizing the space I allow myself... and try to frame better... specially if I want to print large.

    That being said, you need to test out the printing, because that's where the difference will really show... you might not have a problem at all... I've seen small point & shoots print at larger than A3 size with no loss...

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