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    Cracked LCD Screen

    I have a Canon S30 which I took with me down to Guatemala recently. On the way back I had to put one of our carry-ons under the plane and this was the case which had my camera bag and camera in it. When I landed on the other end, at home, I took a look at the camera and noticed that the LCD screen on the back had cracked. What I was wondering is if anyone knew if the lack of pressure could have caused this, as the camera was in a padded bag inside a suitcase.

    Thanks for your feed back...


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    It could have been a pressure issue, but more likely something knocked against it in the hold. If the LCD was affected you would see bleeding into the screen, I dropped my phone once and it cracked the LCD internally cost $500 to replace, this was in the days where phones cost $1,300 each. More than likely it is the plastic cover over the LCD screen which should be able to be replaced fairly cheaply and quick. I think they just pop off with the right tool and snap back in with a new one. The is the info I got from Canon about the 10D LCD screen at the back and the top as well.

    Hope that helps.

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