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Thread: color right w/b

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    color right w/b

    I am trying out the color right white balance tool and not really happy with it. When i try it ,its bad and my auto w/b works better then it. am I doing it wrong? Anybody used one before.
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    Re: color right w/b

    If your tool is the one I am thinking it is, it is much like an Expodisk. These take a little practice to use. Ideally you stand where your subject is and shoot back to where you will be standing taking the picture. If you go the other way, you could get weird color mixed in.

    Another way to go, if you are moving around is to point it at the main light source. So if you are in a gym and will be moving around. Go out onto the floor and point the camera straight up and set WB.

    You are on the right track trying to set custom WB. A lot of people will say just shoot RAW and set fix it in PP. I think that is a load of ****. If you set custom WB you will have a better exposure, your histogram and preview will be more representative of your end result. All of this leads to better color and less noise in the final photo. All of this becomes more and more important as you reach the upper end of your cameras ISO ability. If you shoot inside in mixed light, custom WB is the easiest way to get really nice color.

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    Re: color right w/b

    Have you checked to see if the tool changed the Color Space setting. As the color space for web viewing is different than for high end printing.

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