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    Talking Canon EOS 300 Shutter Problems

    Hi all,

    I have a Canon EOS 300, (the battery Icon says its full) When I go to take a picture the shutter closes and stays shut.

    The batteriy Icon appears saying that its empty, Untill I depress the button again and the full battery Icon appears.

    Has anyone experienced this problems?

    Thanks In advance.
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    Some 3rd party lens makers backward engineer the EF mount and don't always get the codes right. The lens will function properly with the then current models but then fail with newer models. This is especially true of Sigma/Quantaray lenses designed prior to 1999. The typical symptom is just as you described - mirror locks up and the battery icon flashes empty. If you contact the lens maker's customer service they generally will update/replace the lens's electronics to restore compatibility without charge.

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    so what you are saying in essence is... try a different lens and see if that solves the issue ;)

    you are quite correct about the 3rd party issues, but those symptoms are true of a few other things too.
    what lens/lenses do you own?
    try a different lens?
    if only one lens.. how long did you use it(lens that causes issue) before it started being funny?
    how long have you owned the camera?
    ever drop it?
    mount and dismount the lens alot?
    try fresh batteries yet?
    clean contacts for battery AND lens yet?

    some may not be relivent, but all are valid questions


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    i don't think it is the lens

    sounds more like a boken mirror mechanism. take it to your local camera repairer. the reason i do not think it is the lens is that the camera would have worked ok prior to this problem occuring. my gut feeling is that the magnetic motor used to drive the mirror has been reversed or that there is a short circuit in this mechanism that does not allow the mirror to be returned to its normal position, however without seeing the camera there is little more i can say.

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