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    Aquarium, quick tips?

    I think I know how to shoot an aquarium but, I am going to school at the Georgia Aquarium tomorrow morning EARLY , so any tips? I was going to take, Sony a77, Sony 16-50 2.8 and Sony 11-18mm 4.5. Or would the NEX 7 and the Carl Ziess 24mm 1.8 be a better choice?
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    Re: Aquarium, quick tips?

    I can shoot handheld with the wide angle and f/2.8 on the D300 with no problems,
    or 35mm f1.8 also handheld

    both cases at decent ISO for the D300 , so with either a77 or nex7 , you'll be more than fine

    if you think you have more people around you the 24mm maybe better, if alone, bring the widest lens

    I'm sure you'll manage

    Edit: just remembered, the last time I was at the aquarium was with the nex5n and the kit lens, it worked wonderfully

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    Re: Aquarium, quick tips?

    I have used a flexible rubber lens hood up against the glass to cut reflections ans glare. Some window cleaner and paper towels come in handy.

    I want to try off cam flash with a foam coozie 'snoot' if they will allow it.

    The last trip I used a Minolta 28-85mm f3.5 to 4.5, shutter speed as low as 1/15. Several shots to try to get relatively sharp photos.


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    Re: Aquarium, quick tips?

    sony a77 !

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