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    for all you hobby/semi-pro photogs: rates?

    I'm trying to creep my way into doing some paid work every now and then, starting with offering free jobs to my facebook pals, and hoping the word spreads from there. Should I get the opportunity to charge, I'm wondering what a fair, going rate is. I don't plan on doing anything fancy for the delivery at the moment, just shoot, edit, and here's your dvd, file, print (ok, I'd charge for the print). I'm just curious of what some fair prices are.
    mostly Nikon gear

    Feel free to edit my images for critique, just let me know what you did.

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    Re: for all you hobby/semi-pro photogs: rates?

    If you give the DVD, its almost silly to charge for prints. They could take the DVD to costco, walmart, or even their own printer. Understandably, your process of proofing printing and color matching etc etc may be different and better than an automated photo lab, but you cant really expect any customer to know or even appreciate this difference. Either give prints, or give DVD with free proofs or something. Figure out the line that, for you, is just barely enough money to not be a complete waste of time, and start prices from there.

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