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    Disposing of Developer?

    How do you dispose of developer? I've gone through the first lot of developer, it took about 7 rolls before some of the film wasn't exposed properly.


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    Re: Disposing of Developer?

    I dump it down the drain. If you have a lab in your area that does a lot of this type of thing, you could take it to them for disposal. I know the University I went to would run the developer through a machine that would take the silver out of it first. But they are going through a lot of chemistry there. If I do something at home, it all goes down the drain.

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    Re: Disposing of Developer?

    I dump it down the drain as well, this is perfectly fine. You can always check with your local municipality to find out where you can dispose of it. I have heard some people on the internet get quite vocal about dumping chemistry down the drain. These are the people who have never worked in a lab or in the printing industry. The majority of the printing industry is not using film any more, and they dumped more fixer and developer in one day than all the home darkrooms dumped in a year.
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