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    Strange Lighting Question

    We recently opened a small Casino. The camera system was outsourced and not high end.

    We have several cameras which are 4-5 feet above the blackjack table surfaces. The cameras work well enough to see the cards when the dealer is wearing white. If the dealer wears black, it is very difficult to make out the cards.

    Besides permanently requiring dealers to wear white uniforms, is there some other solution we can try?



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    Re: Strange Lighting Question

    Quote Originally Posted by poker30
    Besides permanently requiring dealers to wear white uniforms, is there some other solution we can try?...
    Hi. I assume this is a video camera system. You'll probably have more of a chance of getting useful advice in this forum...
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    Re: Strange Lighting Question

    Other than brightening the lights in the room which you probably don't want to do, you may have to get the people who set up the cameras to come out and adjust them so they let in more light. The problem with this is that less of the image will be sharp as you loose depth of field (i am assuming that the contrast and gain on these things is locked as that would be the norm for security cameras) It could be a simple as placing some lights in the right spots, are you able to post us a picture of the results you get?

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