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    Red face MPVR Personal Media Player Question

    Hi before I get to my questions I want to say I don't know if there is a newbie forum where I should have went first but I didn't find it. I originally posted my camera problems in the review section. I didn't originally like this for a camcorder but this thing seems to have positive reviews across the board. I looked at all kind of websites that reviewed this camera and the most negative one gave it 3 stars. So I can't complain with a 3 star product for 90 bucks.

    If I was supposed to check somewhere else before posting here forgive me. I am not new to the forum experience but I am new to this website. I hope I am not a pain. Please feel free to delete this or move it if I have violated some terms of use over here and I apologize in advance!

    Here's my back story:

    I needed a digital video camera to take videos of my boys on Christmas morning tearing it up. I didn't want to be chained to a rent to own store like Rent-A-Center so I bought one right out. I got this MPVR Personal media player. Some of you may know the specs on it already but I will give what the box says
    Media Player & Video Recorder
    D1 (720x480) Mpeg 4 camcorder 30fps
    8mp max digital camera
    video stabilzation
    MP3 player
    It came with its own little remote control that is quite helpful with this device as far as managing settings.
    I see by the reviews that some of you may have heard of it or used it. The flash photography is great but I don't need a digital camera for still pics. I already have one that takes still pictures and it works just fine.
    I need a camcorder that takes videos with sound. My other digital camera takes videos without sound and the videos are kind of dark. We usually have to brighten it with Windows Movie Maker. Its a tad bit of a hassle to do that but its what we had to do. Still there's no sound.
    I expected some decent things from this MPVR for 89.99 which is what I paid at Kmart.
    Here are the problems:
    When I insert a memory card into it ( I have a few brands of SD memory cards all are compatible with it) the object, person or what have you that I am focusing on will turn green and grainy. So I solved that problem by turning the camera off and on again after inserting a memory card and it works right.
    Then there's a problem with coloring. The video recording part of the device records really dark or turns skin orange or just an unnatural color. I have tried recording in a well lit room like my living room. For a test I recorded in the living room with the lights on focusing on my tree. The LCD screen that you can view while recording showed the room as if it were very dark.

    I have not dropped the camera to my knowledge. I don't know if it fell at some point. Perhaps it did and I can exchange it at Kmart and be more careful with the next one. I just hope that's not one of the downsides is that it isn't very drop resistant.

    The first video I recorded on it was outside at night to test it. It came out all right but I was also outside. I don't know what to do. Is there anyway to improve the video quality or brighten the videos without having to use Windows Movie Maker? I tried using Windows Movie Maker and it really doesn't do the trick. I'd like to have this resolved before Christmas or in time to return the device without any hassle.

    Another question came to mind:
    Is there a comparable device I can get for around the same price if I do have to return it? I just need something that shoots video with sound that I can also upload to my PC but not a webcam because that's not exactly portable...
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