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    Looking for a new PC monitor with TV tuner

    I am looking for a new monitor with a TV tuner built in. I am looking for 27" monitor. I have a older Dell XPS laptop so I think an tuner card will not work.
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    Re: Looking for a new PC monitor with TV tuner

    Check with your local computer store, there are plenty of these around, although it might be easier to find a tv with a pc connector. If your laptop is older it would need to be a vga connection, although you can get vga to hdmi adapters so that also may be an option. As for your laptop not being able to take a tuner card, that may be the case, but it should work with a usb digital tuner. Having the tuner in the monitor won't enable you to record tv to your computer. Having a tuner in your computer (or usb) would, although you might also run into issues if your computer is too slow to process the image properly, or if you can't run the software. If your old monitor is broken then I guess the new monitor is the answer, but if not, perhaps a usb tuner is cheaper. Just check the minimum requirements before you buy it.
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